2 Bn REME 3-2 Recovery Training

Recovery platoon playing in Bergen

After a hectic year of training and exercising in Germany and Canada, the Recovery Platoon had to start putting into practice all it had learnt over the year, to train is young Recovery mechanics to become Class II Tradesmen. I will give you a quick insite into REME trade Structure, all young soldiers come out of trade training as class III, this is at all trades, they then have too do courses to gain there class II. These course are all unit run. They dont return to their relevant trade schools untill they go on there Class I course, which varies in lenght from 6 months to 12 months depending on your trade.
So back to the recce mechs, in the REME the recce mechs are the animals of the corp. The ones who are always in trouble, doing things which i actualy cant write here because we would then have to put a XXX rating on the web site, but im sure you catch my drift.
So one cold but sunny afternoon in DEC my good friend SSGT "Geordie" Templeton offered a invite to our german reservist friends. To come and see them play in the mud and get to understand why the British Army Recce Mech is the only professional Recce Mech in the world.
So my other good friend Andreas got a phone call and within 2 hours it was all aranged. They spent the afternoon seeing how these guys work and also getting to have a ride on the back decks of CRARRV and redesigning a little part of the training area.
A great afternoon was had by all espcialy me as i got to drive my quad bike all over as well. A big thanks to Geordie and Lcpl Blackie for hosting us all, and good luck in the new year when they have to go and spend 3 weeks being tested to gain there class II.