PANTHER CLV (Command Light Vehicle)

Well what can i say? not much realy appart from this vehicle is awsome!!!. i was on a course for the new MAN truck that the British army is getting and my instructor asked if we would like a look around the new Panther. Of course i wasn`t going to say no.

So 5 minutes later im taking these photos, there is obviously more photos but im sorry we cannot show them due to proberbly "classified" secret. But belive me when I say this is the future of vehicles and technology to come.

I know little about this vehicle other than it was built and desinged by alvis and has loads of nice stuff, like a drivers night sight and many more options. A lot of thought has gone into this vehicle for the use within the british army, it is vertsatile, strong and most and proberbly a first of what i would call "crew friendly". i.e its main aim is to make sure the people inside are safe.

Panther (no pointy teeth)

Left side (if you didnt know)

Rear of the panther but

as you can see no tail